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BEST : International Journal of Management, Information Technology and Engineering (BEST : IJMITE) ;   ISSN(Print):2348-0513;   ISSN(Online): 2454-471X;  Impact Factor(JCC):3.2986;  IBI:   ICV:   NAAS Rating:

Archive Files

Sl No Issue Date Volume - Issue Title Abstract Author Page No
1. Jan-31 2017 5-1 Management of Stress Through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Abstract

Satyanarayan Mishra

2. Jan-31 2017 5-1 Privatization Mirage in Iran: Influence on Improvement of Efficiency of Insurances Branches? Abstract

Hamid Asayesh,,

3. Jan-31 2017 5-1 Effects of Construction Phase Errors on Maintenance of School Buildings in Gaza Strip Abstract

Bassam A. Tayeh,,

4. Jan-31 2017 5-1 Corporate Entrepreneurship: A Review of Conceptual and Theoritical Issues Abstract

Esther Garga

5. Jan-31 2017 5-1 Effectiveness of Social Media on Electronic-Purchases (With Reference to Youth of Visakhapatnam) Abstract

B. Phani Vardhan

6. Jan-31 2017 5-1 Uganda Under Regulation: How Well Did the Economy Fare? Abstract

Charles Chidozie Ajaegbu

7. Feb-28 2017 5-2 Tools Used in Big Data Abstract

Avneet Kaur

8. Feb-28 2017 5-2 Extrinsic Parameters and Customer Loyalty Behavior of Very Small Craft Enterprises Abstract

Adankanhounde Thierry Mahougnon

9. Feb-28 2017 5-2 Mathematical Segment Initialization Model Used in Main Stream for Finding Multiple Data Imputation Abstract

P. Logeshwari & Antony Selvadoss Thanamai

10. Feb-28 2017 5-2 Comparative Study of Robust Estimators of Location Using Mahalanobis Depth Abstract

Okeke, Evelyn Nkiruka & Okeke, Joseph Uchenna

11. Mar-31 2017 5-3 Use of Psychometrics in Organisation Development Abstract

Gopalakrishnan Subramanian & Sreenidhi Sk

12. Mar-31 2017 5-3 Geometry Effect on Graphene Nanoribbon Based Transistor Abstract

Sayed Norollah Hedayat,,

13. Mar-31 2017 5-3 Supply Chain Management of Pomegranate in Chitradurga District of Karnataka Abstract

Rakesh G. Nair, Karanth B. & Ganapathi

14. Mar-31 2017 5-3 Influence Privatization on Improvement of Effectiveness of Privatized Public Banks in Iran? Abstract

Hamid Asayesh et al.,

15. Mar-31 2017 5-3 The Significance of Indigenous Banks to Economic Development in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of Harare Metropolitan Abstract

Gerald Munyoro et al.,