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BEST : International Journal of Humanities , Arts, Medicine and Sciences (BEST : IJHAMS) ;   ISSN(Print):2348-0521;   ISSN(Online): 2454-4728;  Impact Factor(JCC):3.0198;  IBI:   ICV:   NAAS Rating:

Archive Files

Sl No Issue Date Volume - Issue Title Abstract Author Page No
1. Jan-31 2018 6-1 Tips to Overcome Various Types of Communication Barriers Abstract

C. Visweswara Rao

2. Jan-31 2018 6-1 An Analytical Study on Emperors Asoka, Kanishka and Harsha Abstract

D. M. L. Harshika bandara dasanayaka

3. Jan-31 2018 6-1 Effect of Antidepressant Drugs on Gestaional Age and Risk of Low Birth Weight Abstract

Rahat Afza  et al.,

4. Jan-31 2018 6-1 Re-Orientation for Moral Upright society: Aquinas Example Abstract

Ajanwachukwu Edward Okoro et al.,

5. Feb-28 2018 6-2 A Study on the Adequacy of the Resources and Services in Arts and Science College Libraries of Neyyatinkara Taluk Abstract

Hari Krishnan. CA et al.,

6. Feb-28 2018 6-2 Information Services in Rural Areas through Public Libraries: A Study Abstract

A. Usha Rani

7. Feb-28 2018 6-2 Use of E-Resources in Academic Libraries in Present Digital Era Abstract

A. Usha Rani

8. Feb-28 2018 6-2 Comparison of Conventional Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Versus Mini-Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy: A Prospective Randomised Trial Abstract

Aydońümus. S et al.,

9. Feb-28 2018 6-2 Projection of Women in the Short Stories of Kamala Das and Mulk Raj Anand with Refenece to Patriarchal System Abstract

Jayapradha. N

10. Mar-31 2018 6-3 Spirometric Values among Yemeni Undergraduate Students in University of Science and Technology, Yemen, Sana'a City Abstract

Alward Lila et al.,

11. Mar-31 2018 6-3 A Study of Brand Awarness and Influence of Advertisment in Rural Customers with Special Reference to Health Food Products Abstract

Dalvir Singh

12. Mar-31 2018 6-3 Introduction of Indo-Persian Astronomy with Special Reference to the Inscriptions of Quadrants Abstract

Syed Hasan Sardar

13. Mar-31 2018 6-3 Economic Analysis of Snail Marketing in Abia State, Nigeria Abstract

Ugbajah. M. O et al.,

14. Mar-31 2018 6-3 Effects of Integrating ICT'S in Grammar Course for Algerian EFL Students Abstract

Chams Eddine Lamri

15. Mar-31 2018 6-3 The Brouhaha About Ability of Micro Finance Training to Enhance Income of Trainees Abstract

N. V. Vijaykumar  et al