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BEST Journals is an Open Access, Peer Reviewed  International journal publication conglomerate which provides platform for original research paper publishing on diverse fields like Science, Engineering, Technology, Humanities, Management &  Medicine.




One of the several other objectives of this consortium is to hone the research skills of the budding researches and to provide a platform for the academies unseasoned but promising scholars, Industry Personnel's and any individual who can offer innovative and novel ideas to the society for its betterment. The BEST Journals brings out a portfolio of publications to make the much-needed knowledge available to its readers. By making them a staple diet, readers can build competitive edge in their fields of specialization.




BEST Journals is an international forum for scientists and engineers to publish high quality research  papers.. The papers for publication are shortlisted through stringent peer reviews to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance, and readability. While it emphasizes publication of previously unpublished materials, selected conference papers with exceptional merit that require wider exposure are, at the discretion of the editors, also published provided they meet the journal's peer review standard.




A pan-global web exposure for your articles with Open Access Option: is 
an opportunity to preserve your research, online. BEST Journals are  available in many university libraries. Articles are freely and easily available to anyone in developing countries. All articles can be accessed for free.




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Quality of Publication: 
We are always looking for authors and scientists who are interested to publish their manuscripts, Monographs, National and International conference proceedings. Our goal is to help you realize the potential of your work by providing editorial, Production, Marketing, and Sales excellence.




Average review cycle is around 8 working days. You will get an initial response from the editor within 24 - 48 hours of submission




International Distribution Network:  BEST Journals provide an international door to knowledge-sharing.  Our international sales and marketing offices fuels seamless distribution of journal copies across the world




Rapid review &   Fast publication process: The average time between submitting a draft to the final publication is less than 8 – 10 days.




Global representation in the Editorial Boards: Our journal boards are represented by various scientists and researchers across the world from eminent Universities and Research foundations.




Internationally Indexed and Listed journals 




Article processing charge: For Indian Authors, the article processing charge would be Rs. 2000 for upto 2 authors. For every additional author, it would cost Rs 500 extra. For Foreign Authors, the article processing charge would be USD 60 for upto 2 authors. For every additional author, it would cost USD 10 extra.



  • Phil / Master’s dissertation writing services
  • D. Thesis writing services
  • D. Thesis Publication Services
  • Phil. / Master’s dissertation Publication Services
  • Editorial services
  • Peer Review Process management
  • Design Services
  • Content Formatting & Copyediting services
  • Review of Literature
  • Review or survey paper writing services
  • Software Implementation / Programming Services
  • Data Analysis, Interpretation using Statistical tools like SPSS, ANOVA etc.,
  • Survey Questionnaire preparation and Data Collection services
  • Content Rewriting and Formatting services
  • Topic / Title Consultation services
  • Problem statement Identification
  • Synopsis writing services
  • Review of Literature
  • Review or survey paper writing services
  • Hardware or Software implementation services
  • Research paper / article writing services
  • Plagiarism detection and rectification services
  • Proof reading and rewriting services
  • Journal Selection services
  • Journal paper publications in UGC CARE, ABDC, Anna University Annexure Listed, Scopus, SCIE, ESCI, AHCI, SSCI, BKCI, CPCI, PubMed, PMC, Medline, EMBASE, DOAJ etc
  • Article author positions
  • Viva-Voce presentation — PPT preparation & editing services
  • Book Writing and Publishing (excluding Sanskrit)
  • Book author positions
  • Patent writing, Filing & Application services
  • Patent author positions
  • Translation services
  • D Admissions in the Universities
  • Conferences / Workshops / Webinars
  • Training in Research Methodologies
  • Citations Improvement Services o H-Index & I-10 Index Services
  • D Guide Recommendations
  • D External Examiner Suggestions
  • New Journals Creation, Article Indexing & Maintenance services for Colleges, Univ. & Pvt. Orgn.
  • IPR, Copyright and Trademark Services
  • D. Guideship & Foreign Examinership Assistance
  • German and French Language Training by Native Speakers thru online
  • Training in IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT
  • Higher Education Abroad in all the disciplines in Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, UK etc.
  • Domestic Education in all the disciplines
  • Placements Abroad for Nurses with 1 + year of experience for both B.Sc and Diploma holders
  • PR Consulting services to Canada and Australia